Dan Davies

Ambassador Dan Davies is an American actor. Dan started in radio hosting his own show The Swami from 1998-2001. He went on to host TV shows Just For The Health Of It and Now We’re Cooking. In 2005, Dan won the Platinum Remi award for Best Comedy at the 38th Annual Houston International Film Festival (WorldFest).

In 2010 Dan wrote, co-produced and played the title character in Ed Gein, The Musical, a micro-budget horror/musical/comedy, which premiered nationally on PBSDirector’s Cut. This opened the door for Dan to co-write the screenplay and star in the western film West of Thunder (2012). The film won the Political Film Society‘s Best Film (Peace) and Best Film (Human Rights) awards: the first film in the Society’s history to win both categories. The film was also awarded the Audience Award at the 2013 Almeria Western Film Festival in Spain.

In 2012 Dan appeared with Sadie Kaye in Miss Adventure meets Motorhead on Funny or Die and co-starred in Raffaello Degruttola‘s British comedy film Flim, the Movie. The latter premiered in London during the Raindance Film Festival and was nominated for the Raindance Award at the 2014 British Independent Film Awards (BIFA).

Dan’s next movie, Tempting Fate (2015), was one of the first Hollywood meets Nollywood films of its genre. Dan portrays gang leader Scorpion Dmitrov, co-starring with Nollywood legend Ramsey Nouah. The film is ranked one of the Top 25 Nollywood box office hits of all time. In 2016 Dan co-starred with Ayo Makun, Funke Akindele and Eric Roberts in the Nollywood/Hollywood comedy film A Trip to Jamaica, which became the No. 1 Nollywood box office film of all time. In 2017 Dan won Best Supporting Actor (Comedy) from the African Golden Movie Awards for his hilarious portrayal of Michael Rice. The film was also nominated for Best Comedy at the 2017 African Academy Awards.

Dan wears a toupee. He’ll be writing a column for Mental Ideas as his toupee, chronicling its misadventures as one of the least convincing method actors in Nollywood/Hollywood today.

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